Message from the Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all coming here forgetting admitted into different courses in this higher institution. Education is the after of human civilization and always depends our insight, discover new horizon and thus exhibits a meaningful* outlook. (Day by day, it opens the novel door of knowledge, expel our ignorance with its divine light. Right now, it becomes a challenge hunting phenomenon. Its dynamic approach has made us restless and insatiable. We believe “Come, myfriends, its not too line to seeka newer world”

On the 16th ofAugust 1991, first established as junior Colage, it marchedfonvard only to mature as a (Degree College in 1993, and situated- in the South-Western part of the Vda4uri District under (MD. cFrom 1993 onwards, this premier institution is on a mission to fulfill the need of higher education.* the people of this backward region. I must acknowledge the collective efforts of some industrious and inspired persons of Rhoirabari and its ad-joining areas, for which Khoirabari College is a reality today. 

Though, it was long conceived dream once, right now the coage has achieved aff the required modernfacilities in the field of academic as well as infrastructure development. Wile college has been provincialized on 1st lanualy 2013 by the Assam government The Assam Govt. has approved Science Stream to our college which is going to start shortly. 

Concentrating on the exploration of your inner ability and also to cope with the changing trend the college has provided the modern scientificfacifities, uninterrupted electricity, moreover offering provisions of remedial classes for your utmost assistance. ‘Then, quality training sessions, career counseling, computer training, different seminars for all of you aiming for competitive examinations are also similarly entertained here. There is a study center of KKHSOV and more of it. there is also a NSS unit to help you to develop your personafity.

 It is remarkable that in this (knowledge era, college can not pursue her academic objectives in seclusion and should be deeply concerned about sustainable development, democratic values, and imparting proper competence to the younger generation. It must be continuously engagedwith the society and show that it is a capable super complex-world 

Therefore, march a head for better result by accepting all the facilities provided by the institution and satisfied yourself, thus contributing to the development of your society in particular and nation in general 

Dr. Debabrata Sen

M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., Principal